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Grape Wine
Grape Wine.png
ID 4663
Stackable Yes
Type Consumable
Craftable Yes

Grape wine can be modified in a Fermentation Barrel using Redstone, Glowstone dust, and various other items. It is created by inserting Grape Juice from buckets or bottles created in a Mechanical Press into a Fermentation Barrel and putting one Netherwart in the modifier slot to start the fermentation process.

Each wine gives a Resistance buff. Color nor aging will change the buff given. However, brewing with a glowstone dust will empower the buff while brewing with redstone dust will elongate the buff.

A list of brew specifics and buffs are detailed below.

Young Fermented Potent Extended Fortified Hyper-Extended
N/A Resist (3:00) Resist 2 (1:30) Resist (8:00) Resist 3 (3:00) Resist 2 (8:00), Health Boost 2 (8:00)


Each stage of fermentation requires different items to further ferment your wine.

Fermented: Requires 1 Nether Wart or 1 Brewers Yeast

Potent: Requires 1 Glowstone

Extended: Requires 1 Redstone

Fortified: Add Fermented Wine to a Brew Kettle and add Bayanus Yeast (1 Yeast makes 40mB)

Ambrosia (Hyper-Extended): Requires 1 Ethereal Yeast. Wine needs to be Potent.