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After the cheese has been pressed in the cheese press it must be placed and aged. If it's cheddar or monterey then it must be waxed to start the aging process. Right click the placed cheese wheel with the appropriate wax brick. There are currently seven types of cheese wheels and/or slices. (Also see ricotta cheese).

Appenzeller Slice.png
Appenzeller 1 Salt, 1 Bucket of Wine or Cider No Wax
Asiago Slice.png
Asiago 2 Salt, 1 Yellow Dye No Wax
Cheddar Slice.png
Cheddar 1 Salt, 1 Orange Dye Red Wax
Gorgonzola Slice.png
Gorgonzola 1 Salt, 1 Fruit No Wax
Monterey Slice.png
Monterey 1 Salt, 1 Red Dye Black Wax
Parmesan Slice.png
Parmesan 1 Salt, 1 Bone Meal No Wax
Swiss Slice.png
Ementaler 1 Salt, 1 Wheat No Wax


Each cheese is simply another form of food. Gather the slices by right clicking the cheese wheel using a cheese knife, once all of it has been gathered you'll have sixteen slices. If so desired cheese wheels can serve an aesthetic purpose. Place it on a dinner table or in your kitchen!