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The Brewing Kettle is utilized both by the Growthcraft Milk and Growthcraft Cellar portions of the mod. It is used to brew alcohol and components for cheese.

Brewing Kettle
Brew Kettle.png
ID 2860
Stackable Yes
Type Block
Craftable Yes
Burnable No

Crafting Recipe[]


Brew Kettle


To start the brewing process, the Brewing Kettle must have fire beneath it (Netherrack + fire for a makeshift stove).

Right-clicking the brew kettle will bring about its GUI.

Right-clicking with an empty glass bottle will remove 333mB of the output liquid (if there is enough).

Right-clicking with an empty bucket will remove 1000mB of the output liquid (if there is enough).

  • Water + Wheat = Ale (No Hops)
  • Ale (No Hops) + Hops = Ale
  • Water + Rice = Sake

1.12 Recipes[]

  • Water + Wheat = Ale Wort (Young)
  • Ale Wort (Young) + Hops = Ale Wort (Young, Hopped)
  • Water + Rice + Brewing Kettle Lid = Rice Water (Sake)
  • Rice Water (Sake) + Mushroom = Sake Mash (Sake, Mash)
  • Water + Thistle = Rennet